I’ve directed numerous short documentaries and one feature length. Below, you’ll find a filmography of all the documentaries I’ve directed.

I’ve also written several articles about documentary making, which can be read here and here.


The Eilean Mor Incident (in production) (Denmark, Ireland)

Short documentary. This film investigates the disappearance of three lighthouse keepers off a remote Scottish island over 100 years ago, asking why it is that the human brain is pre-disposed to believing in the occult and the supernatural. This film is funded by the Aarhus Film Workshop, Denmark.

A Return To War (in production) (Ireland)

Short documentary. This film follows an old soldier as he re-lives his bizarre war experiences every weekend as apart of a military reenactment group.

Driving To Thule (2016) (Faroe Islands)

Short documentary. Portrays a night in the life of a Faroese teenager as he drives around the islands aimlessly, trying to stave off boredom. Along the way, he ponders his life, what’s gone before and what is to come.

This film was made as part of the Filmbase/ Screen Talent Europe scheme, Faroese Tales. [Read More]

In The Valley Of The Pharaoh (2015) (Ireland)

Short documentary. This film tells the story of a mysterious old pyramid located outside Arklow, Co. Wicklow. Built by an eccentric aristocrat, it was intended to serve as a monument to his glory forever more. [Read More]

Where There’s A Well… (2013) (Malawi, Ireland)

Feature documentaryWhere There’s A Well… follows the journey of a water pump from factory to Malawian village, exploring the impact clean water has on communities and individuals as they work to improve their lives. [Read More]